This Land is our land

Happy Canada Day.

To make up for my absence and now detoured Father’s Day post (TBA)….

1996 Blue Jays singinglip synching This Land is Our Land (Canadian version).

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** side note .. anyone have video of the close call double play break up where Dexter Fowler of the Rockies almost got beaned in the 3rd eye?

Canadutch in the Dome?


The Toronto Blue Jays have signed Leon Boyd, one of the heroes of the underdog Netherlands team at the World Baseball Classic, to a minor-league contract.

Boyd, who was born in Vancouver but whose mother is Dutch, was pitching in the Dutch League and was used as a short reliever at the WBC where he was scouted by Sal Butera, the Blue Jays special assistant.

Even better than that … he has a blog. He’s not as equally enthralled with the Venezuelan fans as I am. Maybe he didn’t meet any Venezuelan mamacita’s…


… either. My search is still on. Boyd is probably not gonna help me.

Umm yeah that Youk Face is a powerful thing. I hope he cools off enough to not get the Sox on a roll. haha I turn so fast.


Damn, Watchmen promotion is everywhere.


Damn, Manny is everywhere! I’m West Indian and even if Manny is an ex-Sox..more importantly an ex-04 Sox AND Dodger… he’s bringing more attention to Cricket and that is pretty dope.

I’m waiting for Manny to take up curling next. ahaha.

If only …

.. we had 7 more Halladay clones we’d be unstoppable!


JP this is the ticket. Forget about draft picks and c-player transactions get to cloning more Docs!