Do The Youk Face


I found it… almost. No matter what this is my favorite “winning” face from now on. As a Jays-Yanks fan cheering for Youk is hard. Should be actually, but isn’t because I like baseball and everyone that plays it with vigor. Youk is actually good and he LOVES this game. Look at dudes face. Maybe he just likes winning ahah who cares the Youk Face is a new term my friends will come to know. Sorry. ahaha.

The Rays are giving away replica “participant” rings? I won’t diss. I kinda want one. By kinda I mean if anyone actually going gets their hands on an “extra” one, me wanty. Also gives me an idea, I wonder if I can make replica 92 and 93 rings… and 96, 98-00. 😀


I also am determined to make a Jays Lucha mask. hahah or a Youk Lucha!

This is probably not a good idea in T.O. but it so is the easiest one to make.


The only difference between WBC fans and say World Cup is that I give credit to World Cup they have way hotter fans.


How is it that this chick isn’t famous yet?

My search for Venezuelan mamacitas continue. Did they all leave T.O. for good? Was it something Chipper said?

Walk off Walk is going to distract me .. everyday.