Canadutch in the Dome?


The Toronto Blue Jays have signed Leon Boyd, one of the heroes of the underdog Netherlands team at the World Baseball Classic, to a minor-league contract.

Boyd, who was born in Vancouver but whose mother is Dutch, was pitching in the Dutch League and was used as a short reliever at the WBC where he was scouted by Sal Butera, the Blue Jays special assistant.

Even better than that … he has a blog. He’s not as equally enthralled with the Venezuelan fans as I am. Maybe he didn’t meet any Venezuelan mamacita’s…


… either. My search is still on. Boyd is probably not gonna help me.

Umm yeah that Youk Face is a powerful thing. I hope he cools off enough to not get the Sox on a roll. haha I turn so fast.


Damn, Watchmen promotion is everywhere.


Damn, Manny is everywhere! I’m West Indian and even if Manny is an ex-Sox..more importantly an ex-04 Sox AND Dodger… he’s bringing more attention to Cricket and that is pretty dope.

I’m waiting for Manny to take up curling next. ahaha.