Bring on the Bosox


Mr. Clutch – Alex Rios? Oh hell yeah. 2 outs? RBI possibility? No problemo count him as batted in. What a crazy lil baseball weekend. Rios finished off a 4 game sweep of the White Sox in prep for the showdown in beantown. Not to mention THREE Yankee Walk-offs? Crazy.

Side note: I actually wrote that all in a draft and saved it … but not finished. Haha. I should check first.

Moving on .. quickly. A-Rod’s reaction when he hit his walk-off in HIS House .. was perfect. I knew it would happen. It’s a homer park and houses the games best, he’s supposed to do that. Plus, he actually wants to now. Clutch A-Rod and A-Rios. Love it … in my confused AL East mind.

Saturday was Jr. Jays day and my lil cousins loved it. I taught them a valuable thing. The art of the rally cap.


You are welcome Mr. Lind.


Actually, thanks Adam and the rest because the screams of IT worked!!! and super excited anticipation of when they can do it again, was well pretty damned cool.