WBC Loot!

Man I’m not even tired. Just got back from Beneswayla vs Ooh Ess Eh! Watching Mehico vs Aussies. Man I wish Canada was in That pool…. well we couldn’t beat Italy so ..

Anyways I had mad fun in my 6 games in 5 days March marathon. I’m not even tired like I supposed I would be .. I’m jealous .. of San Diego.

3 more weeks until live baseball? Noooo … too long, I should go to Dunedin this weekend. haha.

MLBogs is gonna be my new obsession and I haven’t really done anything yet. I even got commenter and .. my chesire cat grin is the featured blog?? and I’m not even a cute blonde Cubbies fan. Aww shux.

I’ll link all you guys in a sec and then tomorrow I’ll take my stride around the MLBlog diamond.

For now I leave u with my loot.


Yes I scored a Venezuelan flag. I HAD too. BTW I was in the 2nd row directly behind 1st base/all the photographers.

Now I gotta edit and choose pics. Fun times … but I wish i was still at section 115 row 2 seat 109. I miss my 5 day home already.