WBC Pool C Recap

I’m still amped. Can you blame me I just watched a tournament of all-stars and players playing their butts off. Ok some. But it’s March and the madness had nothing to do with the Tar Heels.


I wrote an email to a local radio station here describing my time at the WBC. I did it just to let the host know that I am one of the few that fully supports his passion for baseball and his frustration at the lack of support my home city gave OVERALL.

Overall, because the fans that went. Us Toronto baseball fans REALLY love baseball. We were fortunate to have a series of games live and even in the recession climate snagged the entire package. Even some bought walk up tickets to more than one.

The others? Well you SHOULD feel bad damnit. Half of Venezuela’s momentum came from the overwhelming support of their fans. USA even amped itself based on “heel heat” (trust me I will talk wrestling in the middle of my baseball talk a lot). We could have gotten those boys at least bit energized or edgy if we had the place rockin on Monday.


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