WBC Pool C Recap

I’m still amped. Can you blame me I just watched a tournament of all-stars and players playing their butts off. Ok some. But it’s March and the madness had nothing to do with the Tar Heels.


I wrote an email to a local radio station here describing my time at the WBC. I did it just to let the host know that I am one of the few that fully supports his passion for baseball and his frustration at the lack of support my home city gave OVERALL.

Overall, because the fans that went. Us Toronto baseball fans REALLY love baseball. We were fortunate to have a series of games live and even in the recession climate snagged the entire package. Even some bought walk up tickets to more than one.

The others? Well you SHOULD feel bad damnit. Half of Venezuela’s momentum came from the overwhelming support of their fans. USA even amped itself based on “heel heat” (trust me I will talk wrestling in the middle of my baseball talk a lot). We could have gotten those boys at least bit energized or edgy if we had the place rockin on Monday.


Just to let you know my Pops and I were among the 42 to 12 to whatever dwindling thousand that got the package in December. I lost work hours, sleep, my voice and a ton of cash and I’m never trading it for the world. I love baseball, I couldn’t wait for any taste of it since October. I even watched the repeat games of China vs Chinese Taipai.

The Venezuelan fans, honestly, pictures don’t do any justice to the atmosphere and jubilance they brought. There were even some Italian fans around me whooping it up and I met a ton of American fans everyday.

Talking baseball in March is usually reserved to me talking to my friends who ignore me and resume complaining about the Leafs and Raps. That is the the epitome of being a passionate baseball fan in this city.

Thanks for continually talking about the lack of Toronto fan support.

Maybe they will one day have the revelation of the Buffalo native sitting beside me in the lats USA vs Venezuela game.

“I’m sitting here, front row 1st base side and my kids (2 boys in Yankees gear whom I convinced to wave a giant Venezuelan flag and yell USA USA with glee) watching a World All-Star game live. I’m never gonna forget this.”

I told him, trust me, those 2 will never either.

For real.


4 thoughts on “WBC Pool C Recap

  1. I think people have a number of reasons for having trouble “warming up” to the WBC. (I myself am loving it!) 1. There is the feeling that the MLB players should be with their teams getting ready for the season; and 2. The silly international rules that they have. Please; a mercy rule? Are these 2 year olds or grown men playing? Baseball isn’t over until the last out is recorded. Anything less diminishes the game we all know and love.


  2. haha Mark look at my moves! I can’t comment on ur blog for some reason. .

    CRZ The finals look like fun times. just be LOUD!!! and smile alot. ahah.

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