Masahiro Tanaka might actually be good

Contrary to a ton of baseball people I know, I am immediately questionable to all Japanese PITCHERS when they jump from Japan to MLB. I capped pitchers because I had to be clear, most of the everyday guys are solid at what they do and are never really over hyped like all pitchers seem to be. Over-hyping pitchers seems to be natural occurrence these days, but the Japanese dudes gets some serious rock star treatment, and pretty much never live up to their expectations.
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Are these guys available?

I know I haven’t been on here well, since the slide from hell. Coincidence I swear.

However, the Jays staff which has continually overcome the odds by simply being since well ever are once again mired in the delicate ballet of who in the blue jay hell else is gonna go down next? Our bullpen is down to anyone in the Jays organization who can pitch.

So why not dip into past? Alums work in wrestling.

No messing around this time. First we fix that pesky Ace spot that Roy has temporarily vacated.



Not that Ace.


Thumbnail image for stieb82.jpg

And if we are gonna dip into that old late 80s early 90s magic bag. Then we go back into time and resurrect The Terminator.

Thumbnail image for terminator.jpg

Ummm. No.


Yeah now that’s the ticket.

If I never post again, at least I got to post the arrogantly ugly yet so exquisitely perfect combination of THAT Tom Henke chesire grin with the 88 Tops All-Star mis-design.

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