Masahiro Tanaka might actually be good

Contrary to a ton of baseball people I know, I am immediately questionable to all Japanese PITCHERS when they jump from Japan to MLB. I capped pitchers because I had to be clear, most of the everyday guys are solid at what they do and are never really over hyped like all pitchers seem to be. Over-hyping pitchers seems to be natural occurrence these days, but the Japanese dudes gets some serious rock star treatment, and pretty much never live up to their expectations.

Dice-K? He mildly aided the BoSux into their 2007 championship. He was just a cog, if he wasn’t there, they would have filled his void with some other guy. I knew he was a bust from the get go. But some people kept bigging him up, I won’t name names.

Yu Garbage… ok fine it’s too early to call him that, but he’s been OK. The Rangers haven’t won yet, and he is no MVP or even close to CY Young, and that is what they wanted right?

Masahiro, on the other hand is the closest thing to uh .. not a bust. Maybe. I mean, I was super critical of the Yankees even wasting cap money on him. I still am.

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