Masahiro Tanaka might actually be good

Contrary to a ton of baseball people I know, I am immediately questionable to all Japanese PITCHERS when they jump from Japan to MLB. I capped pitchers because I had to be clear, most of the everyday guys are solid at what they do and are never really over hyped like all pitchers seem to be. Over-hyping pitchers seems to be natural occurrence these days, but the Japanese dudes gets some serious rock star treatment, and pretty much never live up to their expectations.
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Cap’n vs Sandman?

Only ‘ESPN/Every other sports media with time to fill’ would come up with this ridiculous ‘debate’. The only reason I’m posting it is to laugh at Jay Crawford’s asinine arguments for Mo (well for closers in particular) vs Jeter (and everyday players, much less the toughest position on the field).

Despite his peers’ substantial reasoning why an everyday player’s consistent contribution is more valuable than a closer’s he still refutes over and over like he has his fingers stuck in his ears. “na na na boo boo” is what it seems he is lowering himself to.

What would be the point of a debate if everyone agreed on the same point? Which is why he is on the Mo-side, but damn come up with something actually relevant and refute with a point.

This vid also bothers me a little, because I end up siding with Skip Bayless, and I hate that.

Check out the video here:

PS ESPN, you royally suck for having the ability to “share” the video, yet not actually making the embed code work.

Back 2 Back is back!

Thanks in part to perennial Prime Minister write in nominee Joltin Joe, the much heralded 92/93 World Series Reunion is 2 days away. The city is gonna be buzzing in a few days… imagine if we actually played well all season? Oh man imagine if Doc was actually traded?

My lack of posting this year is so lacking. I better make up for it soon. Yes I am still a huge Yankees fan as well as a tremendous jays fan. Obviously. As great as I feel for the Yanks return to prominence, my heart goes out to the plucky Jays who remind me of The Dynamite Kid… for simply being harder workers who always have to look up to the bloated champions ahead of them and handicapped with the worst luck and injury prone. How’s that for a metaphor? I’m going to the Jays/Yanks game in a few hours .. for the first time in years I will be rooting the Jays over the pinstripes, as I did last night with Mariano (the undoubtedly best ever) Rivera vs Aaron Mr. MVP Hill. I always win in these situations .. and lose. :/

Enough about that, this is Jays fanaticism time! This week is gonna be crazy. Coming off of Caribana right into Blue Jays 90’s love week. This blog pretty much was berthed back in the late 80s early 90s because of this weekend. The agony of 85 (I went to the AL east clincher), 88 (damn Tigers!!!), 89 and 91 was worth it for those 2 glorious years in 92 and 93. Those were the years American baseball fans realized Toronto was somewhat relevant in their red white and blue lives.

I actually have that video in the SI WS VHS season recap. I have a bunch of other old stuff too. These pics I took years ago back at my folks place, my lil baseball basement haven. Note the Rickey Henderson love No band wagoner here! Yes, i have all those and still have those newspaper clippings … and way more.





Oh yeah a wall devoted to Yanks and Jays hats over the years … told ya.

With that said OK OK Blue Jays Blue Jays let’s play ball! Let’s go Mr. Mxyzptlk go get em dude.

Seems like yesterday

610x (1).jpg

DJF has one of the funniest takes on the matchup that went down. It’s a preview but the pics and the JP knock at the end is killer. Truthfully I didn’t want AJ to go … to the Yankees. But not because he was such a great Jay, but because I’m still a Yankees fan. I saw AJ’s greatest year in 2008 and I cheered like a beast for him unlike every Jays fan I knew. But I knew that was it. When he signed I just said he’s now a Yankee retread and I thought this was the year they were gonna be smart investors. New first name, same re$ult. Still Teacher vs Student was pretty damn cool.


43k rocking the Dome? I haven’t heard that since … opening day and then before that Canada vs USA at the WBC.. but previously … well obviously it’s been silent since 93. I’ve been to MANY big time games and I had the chance to go to this but passed.

Passed? yes … you see it was opening day of my 2nd softball league and well you know … I’d rather play. I still got home to see AJ exit, that was a pretty cool moment. Electricity in MAY!


Look what the Jays HAD to do to get noticed on TWIB was forced to show another Jays rookie Scott Richmond who was the AL Rookie of the Month. Richmond vs Greinke vs Romero vs Bannister is gonna be fun this year. Battle of the nobody’s that everybody should know. Scottie incidentally takes his 4-1 record into battle tomorrow night… just in case Halladay didn’t warm you up.

I was once blessed with watching Jim Clancy, Dave Stieb, Jimmy Key, Juan Guzman, David Wells and even a Cy Young winner Pat Hentgen start games here. Then Roger freakin Clemens had 2 of his greatest years in front of my face. Now I suggest any Jays fan go watch Roy start live, and be grateful you get to watch him pitch every 5th day. He’ll be the 2nd Jays player (after Robbie Alomar next year) in the HOF. He IS that mega-superstar we think we need to sign. Scott “rock and” Rolen and Aaron MVP Hill round out the 3 stars.

Roy – Complete game, 1 run masterpiece, AJ – 8th inning 5 run exit.

It does seem like old times,” manager Cito Gaston said with a smile.

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Walk-Off Wednesday!!

First Melky and then Millar!

Too sweet and rare for a Jays and Yanks fan (which is odd I know) to get this in one day.



From my Twitter: MILLAR!!! I can’t believe I’m finally cheering for the epitome of the “idiots” 04 Sox team .. the team I hate the most ever.

And dude was an Oriole. He’s gotta end his career as a Yankee. Or maybe go the Boggs route – Yanks and then Rays. AL EAST 4 Life!! ahaha. If he ever gets traded to a non AL East team .. it’ll be Detroit or Milwaukee,



Also Bengie Molina former Jay had a walk-off double for the Giants. I’d put the pic here but is way too slow. Must be a ton of people on here always when I wanna post!

Btw .. and twib .. why do you hate Toronto so much? C’mon show em SOME love at least!!! How can Millar’s walk-off not even get a mention at all? One of the best teams in the game and yet … nada. Lind, Snider, Romero … no rookie love?? Damn, that’s cold.