Walk-Off Wednesday!!

First Melky and then Millar!

Too sweet and rare for a Jays and Yanks fan (which is odd I know) to get this in one day.



From my Twitter: MILLAR!!! I can’t believe I’m finally cheering for the epitome of the “idiots” 04 Sox team .. the team I hate the most ever.

And dude was an Oriole. He’s gotta end his career as a Yankee. Or maybe go the Boggs route – Yanks and then Rays. AL EAST 4 Life!! ahaha. If he ever gets traded to a non AL East team .. it’ll be Detroit or Milwaukee,



Also Bengie Molina former Jay had a walk-off double for the Giants. I’d put the pic here but mlblogs.com is way too slow. Must be a ton of people on here always when I wanna post!

Btw .. mlb.com and twib .. why do you hate Toronto so much? C’mon show em SOME love at least!!! How can Millar’s walk-off not even get a mention at all? One of the best teams in the game and yet … nada. Lind, Snider, Romero … no rookie love?? Damn, that’s cold.


2 thoughts on “Walk-Off Wednesday!!

  1. Well Manny seems to be having fun too. Damon .. I dunno.

    I really hated Millar and I still hate Varitek … I thought both were over rated. But Millar is doing exactly what I thought he should have been doing all along, a specialized bench player. Professional hitting machine .. like Overbay.

    This is the most stressful division in baseball for a fan…. But I doubt you’d want it any oher way. me too. ok so I’d rather be in the central… who wouldn’t? Well maybe the NL west. ahah.

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