My Spring Training Odyssey

I have been to countless regular season games and a bunch of post-season games, not just in Toronto or New York either. But I have NEVER ever seen a pre-season MLB baseball game … at a Spring Training facility. With Spring Training wrapping up, I figured now’s the last chance to post an article I’ve delayed doing for 5 years or so.

Yes, I have seen a few pre-season games, a couple at the SkyDome (Roger’s Centre now) and even one in Philadelphia, at Veteran’s Stadium in 1994 … vs my hometown Toronto Blue Jays. That is a story in itself culminating with me the lone Blue Jays fan in the front row, beside my Jersey-ite cousin Johnny (who doesn’t care any which way) doing the old we’re not worthy bow to Joe Carter as he does a warm up run beside me. The Philly Phans already irate at the Jays went mental on me and booed me and rained down popcorn at my direction like nobody’s business… I wonder why?
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Masahiro Tanaka might actually be good

Contrary to a ton of baseball people I know, I am immediately questionable to all Japanese PITCHERS when they jump from Japan to MLB. I capped pitchers because I had to be clear, most of the everyday guys are solid at what they do and are never really over hyped like all pitchers seem to be. Over-hyping pitchers seems to be natural occurrence these days, but the Japanese dudes gets some serious rock star treatment, and pretty much never live up to their expectations.
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Cal Ripken’s Streak Week!

Throwback Thursday – Classic n8itude Original Article

Adapted from original article (circa 2005)

With only 2 weeks left until Opening Day and the last season looming for Mr. November the incomparable Derek Jeter, what better time to showcase one of DJ’s heroes and another one of the all-time greatest shortstop’s—Mr. Number 8, Mr. Oriole, the hall of famer Cal Ripken.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s the road to WrestleMania season, and that always means the Undertaker and his streak. Although the deadman’s streak is legendary, there is ONLY ONE streak that is truly truly iconic.
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Cap’n vs Sandman?

Only ‘ESPN/Every other sports media with time to fill’ would come up with this ridiculous ‘debate’. The only reason I’m posting it is to laugh at Jay Crawford’s asinine arguments for Mo (well for closers in particular) vs Jeter (and everyday players, much less the toughest position on the field).

Despite his peers’ substantial reasoning why an everyday player’s consistent contribution is more valuable than a closer’s he still refutes over and over like he has his fingers stuck in his ears. “na na na boo boo” is what it seems he is lowering himself to.

What would be the point of a debate if everyone agreed on the same point? Which is why he is on the Mo-side, but damn come up with something actually relevant and refute with a point.

This vid also bothers me a little, because I end up siding with Skip Bayless, and I hate that.

Check out the video here:

PS ESPN, you royally suck for having the ability to “share” the video, yet not actually making the embed code work.