Cal Ripken’s Streak Week!

Throwback Thursday – Classic n8itude Original Article

Adapted from original article (circa 2005)

With only 2 weeks left until Opening Day and the last season looming for Mr. November the incomparable Derek Jeter, what better time to showcase one of DJ’s heroes and another one of the all-time greatest shortstop’s—Mr. Number 8, Mr. Oriole, the hall of famer Cal Ripken.

It doesn’t hurt that it’s the road to WrestleMania season, and that always means the Undertaker and his streak. Although the deadman’s streak is legendary, there is ONLY ONE streak that is truly truly iconic.


I’m not an Orioles fan and as much as I admired Cal and thought he was the perfect Shortstop, I had always idolized Ozzie Guillen, Ozzie Smith and non-Ozzie—Tony Fernandez. So the streak nor celebrating was never any intention of mine to ever celebrate on this or any site. But since I was there and since the programs and magazines were … I figured hey what the hell. Besides I actually came into a lot of Cal memorabilia concerning him and the feat anyways.

The #1 thing was this special Commemorative Farewell career book given to the fans during Cal’s retirement year. I got it for a WHOLE DOLLAR when I bought the yearbook and game program. A buck!!! A buck for this wicked book with all these awesome photos and highlights.

I originally thought this was one helluva deal.


The top left is obviously the cover with a cool copperish foil stamp. The top right is his elementary school team, Cal is directly in the middle. The bottom left is the craziest pic, he started out in Little Leagues as a … PITCHER!!! The last one is a cool compilation of all his team headshots in his entire Orioles career.


This are just 2 really sweet pics. The top is a classic pic of him turning a double play and the bottom is a series with Hall Of Famer Wade Boggs barreling into him in the same type of situation. Playing Short Stop and 2nd Base all my life, I just think those pics are frickin cool.

For the full UNEDITED article and PDF scan as well please head over to to read more.


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