Are these guys available?

I know I haven’t been on here well, since the slide from hell. Coincidence I swear.

However, the Jays staff which has continually overcome the odds by simply being since well ever are once again mired in the delicate ballet of who in the blue jay hell else is gonna go down next? Our bullpen is down to anyone in the Jays organization who can pitch.

So why not dip into past? Alums work in wrestling.

No messing around this time. First we fix that pesky Ace spot that Roy has temporarily vacated.



Not that Ace.


Thumbnail image for stieb82.jpg

And if we are gonna dip into that old late 80s early 90s magic bag. Then we go back into time and resurrect The Terminator.

Thumbnail image for terminator.jpg

Ummm. No.


Yeah now that’s the ticket.

If I never post again, at least I got to post the arrogantly ugly yet so exquisitely perfect combination of THAT Tom Henke chesire grin with the 88 Tops All-Star mis-design.

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Bring on the Bosox


Mr. Clutch – Alex Rios? Oh hell yeah. 2 outs? RBI possibility? No problemo count him as batted in. What a crazy lil baseball weekend. Rios finished off a 4 game sweep of the White Sox in prep for the showdown in beantown. Not to mention THREE Yankee Walk-offs? Crazy.

Side note: I actually wrote that all in a draft and saved it … but not finished. Haha. I should check first.

Moving on .. quickly. A-Rod’s reaction when he hit his walk-off in HIS House .. was perfect. I knew it would happen. It’s a homer park and houses the games best, he’s supposed to do that. Plus, he actually wants to now. Clutch A-Rod and A-Rios. Love it … in my confused AL East mind.

Saturday was Jr. Jays day and my lil cousins loved it. I taught them a valuable thing. The art of the rally cap.


You are welcome Mr. Lind.


Actually, thanks Adam and the rest because the screams of IT worked!!! and super excited anticipation of when they can do it again, was well pretty damned cool.


2 pitches

2 pitches. ahaha. Yeah he was really trying to hit him.


Sad or Happycheesy faces are always gold.



Eh to be Stairsy. Although Ricky’s grin may be even bigger.

Saturday was Robert “looks like AJ with no goatee” Ray’s first win. I think I even saw AJ’s first win as a Jay too. Means absolutely nothing except it’s a mild horrible segue into posting the AJ sad face walk-away pic because it makes me laugh.


AJ Jr. did do something different I guess.


Win. lolol111!!. Oh snap. burnnn.

Seems like yesterday

610x (1).jpg

DJF has one of the funniest takes on the matchup that went down. It’s a preview but the pics and the JP knock at the end is killer. Truthfully I didn’t want AJ to go … to the Yankees. But not because he was such a great Jay, but because I’m still a Yankees fan. I saw AJ’s greatest year in 2008 and I cheered like a beast for him unlike every Jays fan I knew. But I knew that was it. When he signed I just said he’s now a Yankee retread and I thought this was the year they were gonna be smart investors. New first name, same re$ult. Still Teacher vs Student was pretty damn cool.


43k rocking the Dome? I haven’t heard that since … opening day and then before that Canada vs USA at the WBC.. but previously … well obviously it’s been silent since 93. I’ve been to MANY big time games and I had the chance to go to this but passed.

Passed? yes … you see it was opening day of my 2nd softball league and well you know … I’d rather play. I still got home to see AJ exit, that was a pretty cool moment. Electricity in MAY!


Look what the Jays HAD to do to get noticed on TWIB was forced to show another Jays rookie Scott Richmond who was the AL Rookie of the Month. Richmond vs Greinke vs Romero vs Bannister is gonna be fun this year. Battle of the nobody’s that everybody should know. Scottie incidentally takes his 4-1 record into battle tomorrow night… just in case Halladay didn’t warm you up.

I was once blessed with watching Jim Clancy, Dave Stieb, Jimmy Key, Juan Guzman, David Wells and even a Cy Young winner Pat Hentgen start games here. Then Roger freakin Clemens had 2 of his greatest years in front of my face. Now I suggest any Jays fan go watch Roy start live, and be grateful you get to watch him pitch every 5th day. He’ll be the 2nd Jays player (after Robbie Alomar next year) in the HOF. He IS that mega-superstar we think we need to sign. Scott “rock and” Rolen and Aaron MVP Hill round out the 3 stars.

Roy – Complete game, 1 run masterpiece, AJ – 8th inning 5 run exit.

It does seem like old times,” manager Cito Gaston said with a smile.

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Walk-Off Wednesday!!

First Melky and then Millar!

Too sweet and rare for a Jays and Yanks fan (which is odd I know) to get this in one day.



From my Twitter: MILLAR!!! I can’t believe I’m finally cheering for the epitome of the “idiots” 04 Sox team .. the team I hate the most ever.

And dude was an Oriole. He’s gotta end his career as a Yankee. Or maybe go the Boggs route – Yanks and then Rays. AL EAST 4 Life!! ahaha. If he ever gets traded to a non AL East team .. it’ll be Detroit or Milwaukee,



Also Bengie Molina former Jay had a walk-off double for the Giants. I’d put the pic here but is way too slow. Must be a ton of people on here always when I wanna post!

Btw .. and twib .. why do you hate Toronto so much? C’mon show em SOME love at least!!! How can Millar’s walk-off not even get a mention at all? One of the best teams in the game and yet … nada. Lind, Snider, Romero … no rookie love?? Damn, that’s cold.

Play Ball…

I guess I’m late.

Didn’t want to jinx the Jays good streak and hope the Yanks bad streak has finally ended.

Had Spring Training and opening day posts … I guess I’ll post date post em.. err you know.

Bah.. while I get ready for Jays game after Yanks walk off 7-7-7-7×2 madness, here’s an update to what’s going on in the league so far.

Canadutch in the Dome?


The Toronto Blue Jays have signed Leon Boyd, one of the heroes of the underdog Netherlands team at the World Baseball Classic, to a minor-league contract.

Boyd, who was born in Vancouver but whose mother is Dutch, was pitching in the Dutch League and was used as a short reliever at the WBC where he was scouted by Sal Butera, the Blue Jays special assistant.

Even better than that … he has a blog. He’s not as equally enthralled with the Venezuelan fans as I am. Maybe he didn’t meet any Venezuelan mamacita’s…


… either. My search is still on. Boyd is probably not gonna help me.

Umm yeah that Youk Face is a powerful thing. I hope he cools off enough to not get the Sox on a roll. haha I turn so fast.


Damn, Watchmen promotion is everywhere.


Damn, Manny is everywhere! I’m West Indian and even if Manny is an ex-Sox..more importantly an ex-04 Sox AND Dodger… he’s bringing more attention to Cricket and that is pretty dope.

I’m waiting for Manny to take up curling next. ahaha.

Do The Youk Face


I found it… almost. No matter what this is my favorite “winning” face from now on. As a Jays-Yanks fan cheering for Youk is hard. Should be actually, but isn’t because I like baseball and everyone that plays it with vigor. Youk is actually good and he LOVES this game. Look at dudes face. Maybe he just likes winning ahah who cares the Youk Face is a new term my friends will come to know. Sorry. ahaha.

The Rays are giving away replica “participant” rings? I won’t diss. I kinda want one. By kinda I mean if anyone actually going gets their hands on an “extra” one, me wanty. Also gives me an idea, I wonder if I can make replica 92 and 93 rings… and 96, 98-00. 😀


I also am determined to make a Jays Lucha mask. hahah or a Youk Lucha!

This is probably not a good idea in T.O. but it so is the easiest one to make.


The only difference between WBC fans and say World Cup is that I give credit to World Cup they have way hotter fans.


How is it that this chick isn’t famous yet?

My search for Venezuelan mamacitas continue. Did they all leave T.O. for good? Was it something Chipper said?

Walk off Walk is going to distract me .. everyday.

What a game!


Seriously, that was awesome. That’s baseball, drama and when (I’m sorry I forgot who Buck’s broadcast partner was) said his hands were sweaty during the bottom of the ninth run. I smiled. I love it .. and it’s frickin March! you need to integrate that site with this blog section. Every pic, stat, profile vid .etc needs to be instantly bloggable with 1 click! I can’t even find a good pic gallery from last night. Pretty much anywhere. Fox Sports photo galleries are a joke. ESPN isn’t cutting it and usually Yahoo sports has the most … only has one and 50 million from SK vs Japan. Which is good, cuz I passed out after the USA win.

I wanted to post after Rios smashed one, the Delgado after! I waved my imaginary Puerto Rican Jays flag all over. Then Rios got another RBI and I hope he doesn’t break anything. Then again he’s now out (and the rest of the Mets starting lineup save for Wright who ironically put them out) so phew. Rios survived! ahaha.

When Bernie stepped in, I held onto my Yankee cap and then he pooted a nubbler to 1st. Oh well. This game was hyped already then that Beltran snag off Brian. whooo boy that calls for Mel Allen “How about that!??!”.

I swear I thought Youk was gonna K or DP and end it. Walking in the 4th run. Then the Wright smash. Unbelievable. I wish I was at THAT game! It reminded me of USA vs Canada game. I love that Team USA has the passion. Yes JP you will NEVER live it down.

The only pic I really want is the post win Youkilis face. I wish I could get a shot of it. It was during the mound jubilation. His face was the epitome of celebration for athletes: Relief, Excitement, Pride, and a whole lotta YEAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!. I figured at least Boston Dirt Dogs or other Red Sox sites would have found it. But no, they TYPICALLY decide that being a Sox Nation member means too intrinsically hate on the Yanks, in this era particularly A-Rod and his Details mag photoshoot. A shoot, set up by a photographer, who is artsy. Big deal, he loves himself. Shouldn’t he? HATORZZ!111! ahah. But it’s true, people are hating cuz he’s fly. Dumb people. Concentrate on yourself maybe once. ahah.

Ps that Leprechaun pic is at the top because that’s the funniest pic I found while searching for pics. The runner up….


Silver King no likey Mehico losing.

Final WBC thought (for today). I assume Japan will beat Cuba and take the final spot. So the “final four” will be South Korea, Venezuela, USA and Japan with the latter 2 being (on paper) the strongest and most powerful baseball nations actually becoming the weaker 2 teams so far. SK and Venez are on that tournament/playoff hot streak. Venezuela may have had too many games off (the biggest gripe so far) that may slow them. South Korea looks so dominant. Maybe I’ll get to see them when I’m not falling asleep.

Predictionne … SK vs Venezuela in finals. SK wins. Japan wins consolation game vs USA.

USA baseball will be hyped and ready in 2012. So will I.

Rickey Being Rickey

Without a doubt my favorite player ever is Rickey Henderson. That is known in my family, followed RIDICULOUSLY close by Roberto Alomar. When they became team mates on my hometown Jays in 93 I damn near had utopia convulsions.

Anyways I just found this on ESPN and it’s too funny. Reminds me of why I fell in “hero worship” (I need to a find a better word for the ‘crush’ we have on fave players from our youth) for dude. Relaxed, joker and utterly confident. Like how I wanted and attempted to be.

Halladay gave up 3 homers yesterday .. oh no. the sky is falling. oh no’s. i guess. they won’t win it this year. ho hum.

No disrespect but when I saw this pic I thought Cuba’s special training involved Tai-Chi.


Oh and T Dotters don’t be so harsh to attack Chipper. It’s not his fault Toronto isn’t up to the worldly and exotic lifestyle that is obviously raging up there in DeLand Fla. After all, Hollywood North and it’s world renowned night life is just for the …. boring people who like to gasp .. meet real people and I dunno enjoy a rich full environment. I’m pretty sure Terrell is gonna have a wack time here too, and that Vince Carter guy, yeah he sure was out of touch.

I have to remember to watch every game the Big Unit is attempting to win #300. He’s at 295 now, but for real this is going to be the last guy to ever reach 300 wins in my lifetime. The next closest is Jamie Moyer at 246 and he’s already 98 years old.

And now now back to the hunt for more Venezuelan mamacitas.