What a game!


Seriously, that was awesome. That’s baseball, drama and when (I’m sorry I forgot who Buck’s broadcast partner was) said his hands were sweaty during the bottom of the ninth run. I smiled. I love it .. and it’s frickin March!

MLB.com you need to integrate that site with this blog section. Every pic, stat, profile vid .etc needs to be instantly bloggable with 1 click! I can’t even find a good pic gallery from last night. Pretty much anywhere. Fox Sports photo galleries are a joke. ESPN isn’t cutting it and usually Yahoo sports has the most … only has one and 50 million from SK vs Japan. Which is good, cuz I passed out after the USA win.

I wanted to post after Rios smashed one, the Delgado after! I waved my imaginary Puerto Rican Jays flag all over. Then Rios got another RBI and I hope he doesn’t break anything. Then again he’s now out (and the rest of the Mets starting lineup save for Wright who ironically put them out) so phew. Rios survived! ahaha.

When Bernie stepped in, I held onto my Yankee cap and then he pooted a nubbler to 1st. Oh well. This game was hyped already then that Beltran snag off Brian. whooo boy that calls for Mel Allen “How about that!??!”.

I swear I thought Youk was gonna K or DP and end it. Walking in the 4th run. Then the Wright smash. Unbelievable. I wish I was at THAT game! It reminded me of USA vs Canada game. I love that Team USA has the passion. Yes JP you will NEVER live it down.

The only pic I really want is the post win Youkilis face. I wish I could get a shot of it. It was during the mound jubilation. His face was the epitome of celebration for athletes: Relief, Excitement, Pride, and a whole lotta YEAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!. I figured at least Boston Dirt Dogs or other Red Sox sites would have found it. But no, they TYPICALLY decide that being a Sox Nation member means too intrinsically hate on the Yanks, in this era particularly A-Rod and his Details mag photoshoot. A shoot, set up by a photographer, who is artsy. Big deal, he loves himself. Shouldn’t he? HATORZZ!111! ahah. But it’s true, people are hating cuz he’s fly. Dumb people. Concentrate on yourself maybe once. ahah.

Ps that Leprechaun pic is at the top because that’s the funniest pic I found while searching for pics. The runner up….


Silver King no likey Mehico losing.

Final WBC thought (for today). I assume Japan will beat Cuba and take the final spot. So the “final four” will be South Korea, Venezuela, USA and Japan with the latter 2 being (on paper) the strongest and most powerful baseball nations actually becoming the weaker 2 teams so far. SK and Venez are on that tournament/playoff hot streak. Venezuela may have had too many games off (the biggest gripe so far) that may slow them. South Korea looks so dominant. Maybe I’ll get to see them when I’m not falling asleep.

Predictionne … SK vs Venezuela in finals. SK wins. Japan wins consolation game vs USA.

USA baseball will be hyped and ready in 2012. So will I.


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