Rickey Being Rickey

Without a doubt my favorite player ever is Rickey Henderson. That is known in my family, followed RIDICULOUSLY close by Roberto Alomar. When they became team mates on my hometown Jays in 93 I damn near had utopia convulsions.

Anyways I just found this on ESPN and it’s too funny. Reminds me of why I fell in “hero worship” (I need to a find a better word for the ‘crush’ we have on fave players from our youth) for dude. Relaxed, joker and utterly confident. Like how I wanted and attempted to be.


Halladay gave up 3 homers yesterday .. oh no. the sky is falling. oh no’s. i guess. they won’t win it this year. ho hum.

No disrespect but when I saw this pic I thought Cuba’s special training involved Tai-Chi.


Oh and T Dotters don’t be so harsh to attack Chipper. It’s not his fault Toronto isn’t up to the worldly and exotic lifestyle that is obviously raging up there in DeLand Fla. After all, Hollywood North and it’s world renowned night life is just for the …. boring people who like to gasp .. meet real people and I dunno enjoy a rich full environment. I’m pretty sure Terrell is gonna have a wack time here too, and that Vince Carter guy, yeah he sure was out of touch.

I have to remember to watch every game the Big Unit is attempting to win #300. He’s at 295 now, but for real this is going to be the last guy to ever reach 300 wins in my lifetime. The next closest is Jamie Moyer at 246 and he’s already 98 years old.

And now now back to the hunt for more Venezuelan mamacitas.


3 thoughts on “Rickey Being Rickey

  1. Awesome Rickey video.
    You will be happy maybe again in 2010 when Roberto Alomar is eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame for the first time. I know when he was with the Rays before he retired he was a great guy around the Spring Training complex for signing and chatting with fans.

    I just hope that the one episode that might cost him votes doesn’t hinder his chance to boast some of the best numbers every for a second baseman. The guy could hit the pivot with the best of them.
    Another great blog and always looking forward to your next post.

    Rays Renegade


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