Still Shocked


The Canada shock is gone. Besides, I live in Toronto, I’m used to it. I’m also used to smiling and then quickly adapting to other cultures and getting swooped up in it.

Truthfully the 2 most enthusiastic fan bases are in the Pool C Finale. Not only have I admired the Venezuelan charm, but I still love my Americano bretheren. I’ve actually met some … gasp … rational, reasonable and fun BoSox fans. … What’s next me cheering for Cena against Edge?

I’ll post the pics later, I’m excited still for this final game of the round. Maybe it’s cuz after it I can sleep, buy groceries, clean up my home .. and maybe you know … relax. yeah right.

I came home last night from the game and immediately turned on to watch Shock n Awe WBC 09 part 3 or 9 I dunno. Upset City .. 83 mill payroll vs 400 gs . ahaha.



I’m almost as excited for this Blog “therapy” as I am for MLB season to start.

Ok methinks the proxy server is gonna figure out this isn’t my lunch time. ahaha.

Time to go bounce . 4 hrs to go.

I’ll play around with this place soon time.


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