Warm Up Toss

This is definitely a long time coming. Although the reason for starting an MLBlog right now is due to the frenzy of the WBC (or my craving for baseball in March), it was inevitable.

I think about Baseball 24/7. Ken Burns ain’t got nuttin on me. I’m also Canadian where that is VERY frustrating around here, when it’s summer and the lead story is a possibility of a coaching change to the Toronto Marlies NEXT season or The Leafs have a charity golf game.

Bah. I’m also West-Indian, so the family is more into Cricket and tolerates it because of the similarities. Except for my dad. My Baseball journey begins and will continue for life because of my dad.

For Christmas I created a DVD montage video of our lifelong baseball road trips (up to our home away from home city’s farewell to Shea and Bambino’s Casa) for him. It was also a “lil” bit for me. Ok a whole lot. I still watch it.

From Exhibition Stadium to the Astrodome to Miller Park, you keep building MLB Stadiums and I’ll keep going.

I hope someday I will get to watch a game in Japan, Cuba, Puerto Rico and thanks to my newfound South American compadres – BENESWAYLAAHH. VENNNEZUUELLLAH AAAROUFF .. I have no idea what they are saying but section 115 1st base side down at the Rogers Centre is all Venezuela town right now and I love it.

That was my intro post. I have way more to say, you will soon find this out.

I’ll end with the reasoning of the blog name.

90 Feet – That’s the obvious one. Basepath distance. When I played, I ran. I stole like nobody’s business and more importantly ran EVERTHING out. I was diving into 1st base even before I even knew it was allowed in “real baseball”.

My fave player of All-time is Rickey Henderson. Durr.

90 Feet Till Infinity is play on the classic Hip Hop song by Souls of Mischief – 93 Till Infinity. Which to me also has a dual meaning since 1993 was the last great year of sports in Toronto culminating with “Touch em all Joe” heroics. So us T Dotters keep replaying that moment until well .. inifinity .. or JP’s 5 – year plan ends. Same thing methinks since he’s on like year 54 already.

Anyways off to Game 5 later today. 5 Games, 4 days, barely sleep, lose work hours, Canada isn’t even in it anymore.

I already miss it.

When the hell is Opening Day?

I’ll see you then Detroit/Venezulean Tigers, this time it will be different. Except Scott Richmond probably won’t pitch then either.


2 thoughts on “Warm Up Toss

  1. Dude, you had me at “Old school cards” – ha, gonna be a great blog! I was going through a new pack today and they sucked, but there was an Ichiro. Welcome to the MLBlogosphere! Comment on lots of other MLBlogs, especially those in the Latest Leaders, and always leave your full URL, and you’ll get tons of traffic.


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